Accent Plants – Trailing

Accent Plants – Trailing

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Assorted trailing accent plants in a 3.5″ pot.


Assorted trailing accents plants in a 3.5″ pot.

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Acalypha, Assorted (trailing Chenille), Alternanthera, Assorted (Joseph's Coat), Artemesia, Mexican Heather, Didelta, Silver Strand, Dorotheanthus, Mezoo, Helichrysum, Icicles, Helichrysum, petiolare Silver, Ivy, Lamium, Orchid Frost, Lysimachia, Variegated, Muehlenbeckia (Wire Vine), Plectranthus, Assorted, Sprengeri Fern, Tradenscantia (Wandering Jew), Vinca Vine


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